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It all started with an idea for a better way of keeping track of trackables that were present at a meet back in January 2012, the idea was roughly worked out the day before it was then meant to be trialled at the meet before launching properly in a meet later in that year. That didn’t quite go to plan and the community were so taken by the idea the trial included pretty much everyone at the event. As time went on bits of extra functionality were added on too.

Then the idea came along for Challenge spotter as a way to locate challenges you qualified for easily, this idea was bounced around for a while and was launched requiring you to upload your ‘my finds’ pocket query in order to get your results. Obviously this only lasted so long before it was expanded to incorporate the geocaching API.

Since then I had a few other little ideas, which is where the UK events calendar listed on this page came from. I’m not sure how many people use it, but I certainly find it helpful, so I will keep it going for that reason if nothing else!

There have been a few other ideas for functionality to add to the site, most of the ideas never saw it past the concept stage some were produced elsewhere better than I could before I had a chance to complete them. And some are still in the pipeline.

Keep checking back to see what will appear next or contact me through my profile to suggest an idea.

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