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Your Data & Privacy

Our theory with privacy is simple. We don't store more than we need to and we don't keep it for longer than is needed finally just because you trust us with your data we don't share it with anyone. It's that simple.

The data we collect

We use to authenticate user accounts, as such we don't store passwords or email addresses. However we do store some data so that we can operate the site.
We store the following data;

  • Your Guid - An ID code linked to your account. We store this incase you change your username
  • Your Geocaching user Name - To allow us to display your username on every page. We also use this if you send any comments to us it just means we can get intouch with you through the messenging centre if we need to
  • The date you first logged in - Just so we can keep track of how long you have been using the site's services for.
  • The date you last logged in- We don't want to keep information about you longer than necessary. So we use this when we remove inactive accounts from our database.
  • Your Geocaching membership level - Some of our features are only avaliable to premium members. We use this to work out what sections you are allowed access to
  • isTeam & isAdmin - These are for our volunteers and give them access to their tools
  • A link to your profile image - We display this next to your username.
  • Your user Token - We use this to request items from the API on your behalf.

How long we keep it for

Every Monday we check the data we have stored about you and we deleted the data for any account which ahs not been logged into within the last 60 days. Then it's deleted, we don't have a need for it anymore so we get rid of it.

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Powered by Geocaching HQ